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FarRock Dodgeball

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 FarRock Dodgeball is more than a game, it's an urban experience that has never been seen before in gaming. From Kippa’s to Durags’ you will feel like a true New Yorker after playing the story mode which is inspired by true events.

Story Mode:

Story mode is like nothing you have ever played! In this epic journey, you play as KJ, a kid who just moved to FarRock, Queens. Upon seeing his only friend get bullied. They seek revenge! Written like a John Hughes film, the kids go on a bunch of fun quest through all 5 boroughs of NYC. But this isn’t just the fancy NYC you know from TV… Not only will you experience Wall St, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty but you will also visit all the hoods of NY from Southside, Brownsville, Harlem to the South Bronx. Revenge, Remorse & Redemption…that’s a preview of the drama.


Level system:

After every match in Story mode, you will receive experience points. You can use this to level up your team to the play style that fits you best.



Sneakers are a huge part of NY culture. You will be able to visit multiple sneaker shops through the game to boost your player's stats!


Food is used to recover HP and SP. But this isn’t generic video game food. It's staples of NY! Pizza, Sticky wings, Chopped cheese, black and white cookies just to name a few.


Super Attacks:

12 different super attacks! Burn another team alive or maybe shock them. You can choose up to 12 offensive and defensive super attacks!


Don't take life so seriously. Take a break and enter New York’s famous hotdog eating contest. What about a DJ battle in Harlem? Or maybe visit the Bronx zoo?



Collaborating with 4 of hip hop’s brightest young producers to create 17 original tracks. Trust me…. some of the best hip hop songs you will ever hear in a video game.


Arcade mode:

Tournament-style arcade mode, select 1 of the 12 teams to battle 4 rounds to win the city championship.


Versus mode:(Exclusive to steam)

Up to 4 players can battle it out or battle the computer in this exhibition.

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